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We provide HRD consulting services to augment your human resources or training efforts in the areas of employee development, organizational learning, training needs analysis, employee engagement, and emotional intelligence assessment.

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Employee Development

We welcome the opportunity to engage in consultative dialogue with organizations regarding the development of employees. It is in the best interest of organizations to develop a strategic, rather than tactical, perspective and approach to workforce growth and development.

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Organizational Learning

Learning organizations treat knowledge as an asset that drives competitive advantage. We seek to consult with organizational leaders to develop actionable plans and implementation strategies. Our goal is to help organizations develop the vision and wherewithal to drive learning as a real-time imperative that drives day-to-day actions and behaviors.

Training Needs Analysis

Training is one of the tools that unquestionably enables organizations to achieve their mission. However, training is not always the appropriate solution. When workforce skill and knowledge needs are not clear, and employee performance gaps have not been considered, Building for Success can step-in to conduct training needs analysis (TNA). A TNA provides the data and analyses needed to align learning needs with business outcomes, secure senior leader buy-in, identify employee performance gaps, and capture the knowledge and skill needs of targeted learners.  

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Employee Engagement

We are able to partner with organizational leaders and/or HR and Training practitioners to illuminate practices and behaviors that contribute to engagement or disengagement. We will work with our client to construct an actionable plan that targets and mitigates the underlying conditions contributing to disengagement, while showcasing and duplicating organizational practices that promote engagement.

Increasing Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence continues to be a proven and highly-regarded measure for assessing the interaction between an individual and the environment the individual operates in. As your consulting partner, we will determine if EQ-i 2.0 and EQ 360 meets your assessment needs. If needed, we will make recommendations concerning your use of individual development plans. We offer a highly effective employee development strategy based on the development potential of EQ, debriefs, and effective use of individualized development plans.

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