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Employee & Leadership Development Training

We create a collaborative relationship with each of our clients. Together we identify the best employee and leadership development solutions based on the client’s business goals and needs. As a Blanchard® Channel Partner, we offer a variety of Blanchard training solutions (e.g., facilitator-led, self-paced, and face-to-face) targeting individual contributors, supervisors, managers, and senior leaders. Blanchard’s training solutions are tried-and-true in terms of enabling and equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully negotiate today’s demanding work environment.

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Human Resources Development (HRD) Consulting

If your human resources and/or training functions are minimally staffed or simply do not have the capability or capacity, we are here to help you meet your human resource development needs. Based on strong collaborative dialogue, we will advance your needs in the areas of employee development, organizational learning, training needs analysis, and employee engagement.

Additionally, we can help you build and maintain a workforce that demonstrates emotional intelligence and social well-being by administering individual assessments.

We Serve Organizations Seeking to Invest In Their Workforce

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CEOs & Senior Executives

We understand your focus is on the successful execution of your organization’s mission to achieve financial viability. We will help you grow your people in order to grow your business. We possess the capability to help you diagnose performance gaps and develop short and long-term strategies for people development. We then provide learning solutions focused on performance impact. Financial viability and your organization’s sustainability are dependent on your employees’ capabilities, knowledge, and skills. Let us help you create and implement a vision for learning that is aligned to your business goals and imperatives.

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HR & Training Managers

As a HR or Training leader, we recognize you are consistently working to help ensure employees possess the job competencies, interpersonal skills, and emotional intelligence to accomplish their job duties and successfully address a highly demanding work environment. Based on our expertise in human resources and learning and development, we work hard to establish a partnership with you. We will serve as your advocate to help you develop a realistic learning roadmap aligned with your organization’s workforce needs.

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Team Leaders

Whether virtual or face-to-face, currently over 50% of organizational work is accomplished through teams.  Work demands necessitate the development of high-performing and empowered teams. We are committed to helping you lead your teams effectively by learning the mindset and skillset needed to improve team communication, reduce team member conflict, and simply help the team function more cohesively.

Ready to take your company to the next level?

Our services can be either virtual or locally, face-to-face in the Virginia, Washington, DC & Maryland metro area.

About Building For Success


Building for Success, LLC is a woman, minority, and veteran-owned business. Today’s demanding work environment requires that individuals maximize their unique talents and skills to perform at peak levels. Building for Success was established to promote and facilitate an organizations’ investment in its employees. We believe each and every employee comes to their place of employment intending to do their best.  This can often be hampered by not possessing the appropriate knowledge and skills for a situation, goal, and/or task. We believe in the power of learning, and the need for organizations to create a learning environment that encourages and expects growth and development.

We are a recognized Blanchard® Channel Partner, as such, we are able to tap into Blanchard’s rich spectrum of resources and learning solutions. We interact with, and have at our disposal a community of partners dedicated to helping organizations develop great leaders.

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We Enhance Individual and Organizational Performance

Exceptional Partnering

We seek to create a win-win partnership with clients who value their employees growth, and seek assistance in developing and investing in their workforce. Clients can expect that we spend more time listening than talking. We do not prescribe solutions. We seek to know your needs, your goals, and objectives. Building for Success-client partnerships are the means by which we help clients understand the benefits of development and recognize potential performance gaps. Together we build a plan to ensure their employees are enabled and equipped for current and future success.

Deep & Broad Experience

Dr. Johnson, co-owner and lead facilitator/consultant, will be personally involved in collaborating with client stakeholders, assessing the needs of each potential client, and designing a client-centered learning solution roadmap. Dr. Johnson is a scholar-practitioner, who possesses a wealth of real-world human resource development experience. Clients can expect Building for Success facilitators and consultants to possess a minimum of fifteen years of practical work experience, coupled with advanced degrees and/or certifications. Their real-world insights and experiences help adult learners apply and sustain their new knowledge and skills.

Focused on Impact & Behavior Change

We adhere to proven learning and development concepts, standards, and practices that result in highly impactful learning and learner behavior change. We focus on high impact to ensure your training dollars are not wasted. Our training content is designed to be impactful. We work with leaders to develop a mindset and implement practices that support learners’ application of new knowledge and skills. Over time with consistent organizational support, learners will consistently demonstrate positive behavioral changes.

Client Testimonials

“Nicole Johnson is an exceptionally professional consultant. Her knowledge and experience in leadership and adult education, along with effective communication skills, were invaluable in helping the organization develop a strategic plan to design and implement a comprehensive leadership development program.”

-Trina Y. Harrison, U.S. Postal Inspection Service (formerly)

“During my career I’ve come across many leaders, those possessing concrete leadership attributes are rare; Dr. Nicole Johnson is an exception. She embodies integrity, authenticity, and compassion.  A superb mentor and coach.”

-George Eisenbach, Senior Manager, Department of Veterans Affairs

“I have worked with Dr. J. in the government and private sector for many years.  She is a proven executive leader and facilitator!  I admire many of her leadership qualities and I especially love her core value of putting people first.”

-Dr. Gregory Campbell, Owner/President, GCJ Enterprises, LLC

“When working with her clients, she always listens respectfully and intently focusing on the goal to learn.  Her compassion blended with her business acumen make a perfect combination for consulting with her clients.  When focusing on discovery, she always has the appropriate questions to dig deeper into the real issue.  I have worked with Dr. Johnson for several years and was honored to partner with her as we engaged with our clients.”

-Connie Kemp

We Support Our Local & National Communities

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